“Lend an ear, empower a woman.”

The films are one way to empower women; one way to focus on them.

People ask me, “so what?” We collect these films, we collect these women’s stories, we watch them, and then what happens?

But I think what we really need to focus on is the fact that when we ourselves have something important to say, and all of a sudden we gain a listener, we gain an audience, that feeling in itself empowers us. It makes us think that we should continue speaking. It makes us think that we should continue acting. And, therefore, we do. All of a sudden, we have earned the confidence to take the next step; and maybe share our vision with more people. As we share our vision with those people, they may turn around and be inspired by those visions and start working towards their own visions.

I don’t think right now there is something more important to take care of in the world than women’s rights. There is a difference between 50% of the world’s population and the moment we tap into that resource, whether it be through business, through empowerment, through creativity - the moment we tap into that, we have half of the world’s population moving the world into something better.

May 20, 2015 at 6pm - 9pm

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