"Women in Media" Conference (Pakistan)

May 10, 2012

WVN Director of Global programs, Suzie Abdou, was invited to speak at the International Islamic University’s annual conference on Representations of Women in Media and Literature. The University is located in Islamabad, Pakistan so Suzie was Skyped into the conference from Beirut where she was leading WVN screenings in Lebanon.

The conference included speakers from around the globe speaking on issues such as the portrayal of women in the media, women in contemporary literature, identity politics and the production/consumption of gender in the media. The organizers shred with me that this conference really pushed the line because most of the people that attend the University are conservative. The conference garnered a full house in what I could see was a massive auditorium.

I was asked to speak about WVN’s efforts and our experiences on the Global Tour. In TEDx fashion, I was given 15 minutes to present our work and show one of our Festival films. The participants watched “Jazbaa: A Strong Will” and seemed to enjoy it very much. I was unable to take questions as our internet connection dropped but I later received an email that there was positive feedback from the audience about our organization’s work.

As a result of our participation in the conference, the organizer of the event offered to help bring WVN films to Pakistan. This is just one of the many wonderful examples of how WVN is involved in global events and building its international partnerships.

Suzie Abdou
Director of Global Programs

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