Women's Voices Now Narrative Film Festival


Narrative film is a moving image that tells a fictional or fictionalized event, story or happening. This style of film relies heavily on characters, believable narratives and other cinematic elements to help convey a message to an audience that documentary or other films cannot necessarily achieve. All of these tools of the cinematic language help to convince the audience that what they are seeing is true and real. Narrative and fiction films traditional rely on lights, camera movement, acting, screenwriting and editing to maintain a sense of realism. Generally speaking, the goal of this genre of cinema is to convince the audience that the film is real. The boundaries and potential for narrative style filmmaking are being pushed all the time with the democratization of technology allowing for more DIY and indie films to be made, a departure from the big budget Hollywood blockbusters of the past.

Women’s Voices Now seeks to amplify the voices of all women. We believe in the power of free expression to realize the aspirations of women's rights. At Women’s Voices Now, we look for compelling experimental films that push boundaries and subvert expectations. We are looking for films that are relevant to our global community and which tell unique stories and amplify voices of women from around the world. We judge documentary submissions based on relevance of subject matter to our film festival call, strength of a film’s storytelling (use of structure and image to communicate a compelling story) and the technical aspects of filmmaking. All films in any language other than English are encouraged to submit, however, those films must include English language subtitles.