The WVN Fiscal Sponsorship Program offers filmmakers producing films that align with our mission the benefit of our focused experience and reputation in the field. Film projects fiscally sponsored by Women's Voices Now give contributors the incentive of a charitable deduction for income-tax purposes, a service individual filmmakers could not otherwise offer. Learn more about these films below.

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  • High Passes

    In the harsh Himalayan winter, the women of Ladakh, India, are defying convention and entering a man’s world. They are India’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team.


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  • Soule

    Raised in London, Soule is a soulful English girl. Alongside her passionate Indian friend Anita, both are navigating their way between the sensitive years of teenagehood into adulthood,  hoping to realize their dreams.

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  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home follows three generations of homeless females as they attempt to survive on the streets of Mumbai with only the sky as their roof. The short documentary will be directed by Anuradha Singh (editor/associate producer of the critically acclaimed India’s Daughter).

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  • The Black Suffragist: Trailblazers of Social Justice

    The Black Suffragist: Trailblazers of Social Justice, a film by Jennifer Rolle explores the contribution of African-American women within the suffrage movement. Rooted in the anti-slavery movement, women's suffrage began officially in 1848 at the New York Seneca Falls Convention. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, active abolitionists, led the charge for public awareness of a woman's right to vote.


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  • Half Widow

    Director Danish Renzu's feature film, HALF WIDOW, tells the story of an all too commonplace experience of women in Kashmir. Awaiting husbands who are victims of the ongoing conflict in the Kashmir Valley, wives wait in limbo for the fate of their spouses and the trajectory of their own lives as well.

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