When is the Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival?

The WVN Online Film Festival is an annual festival that takes place around International Women’s Day. The festival celebrates and awards the best social-change films from around the world that highlight women in film and women’s rights issues.

Each year, films are selected from all over the world and filmmakers compete for cash prizes, media features and the opportunity to have their films added to the WVN Film Archive for global promotion and viewing. The Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival is for films and filmmakers interested in exposure and advocacy, and to have their films seen around the world to bring audiences from empathy to action in the global women’s rights struggle.

When does the Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival take place?

The 2019 Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival opens for submissions on September 10, 2018 and closes on January 31, 2019. Winners will be announced on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019. All winning films selected will be available for pay-per-view online viewing for the duration of the month.

When is my film due?

Your film submission must be completed by January 31, 2019.

How much does it cost to submit my film?

A $20 processing fee is required to complete your submission, paid via FilmFreeway. Submission fee waiver requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail wvnonlinefilmfestival@womensvoicesnow.org for consideration.

When will I know if my film has been selected to the 2019 WVN Online Film Festival?

All filmmakers will be notified by early February 2019. Winners will be notified in early March, and publicly announced on March 8, 2019. Please make sure the e-mail address on your application will be operational and the best way to reach you at that time.

What kind of films does the WVN Online Film Festival select?

In line with the WVN mission, the WVN Online Film Festival selects films made by anyone about women’s social, economic, political, cultural, and gender issues. Themes may include: political representation, justice in the legal system, portrayals of violence against women, leadership and advocacy, harmful and controlling cultural practices, economic empowerment, equal education opportunities, challenging media stereotypes, women’s sexuality, healthy partnerships and relationships, reproductive health, and matriarchal societies. Films in any language are accepted but must be subtitled in English.

What happens after the Film Festival is finished?

The winning films will be publicly announced and winning filmmakers will be awarded their cash prize (upon submitting an acceptance video clip). The winning films will be made available to watch via pay-per-view channel on Vimeo for the month of March.

All films submitted to the WVN Online Film Festival are invited to become part of the WVN Film Archive. Agreeing to have your film in our archive means that you agree to having your film available for our audiences online for free as well as giving WVN permission to program your film for international, not-for-profit advocacy screenings, programming, and events. Women’s Voices Now makes no profit from your film being a part of our archive. If you do not want your film to be a part of the archive, that’s okay, too!

What films are ineligible for the WVN Online Film Festival?

All but offensive or hateful films will be seriously considered.

Do you accept work-in-progress films?

We do not accept works in progress.

How many films can I submit?

You can submit as many films as you’d like. You only need to create one Film Freeway account. Upon doing so you may submit individual applications for multiple films. We do not offer reduced fees for multiple submissions. For example, if you submit three films, you must pay the submission fee for three films. We do, however, make exceptions to our submission fee, so feel free to reach out to us and tell us why you need a fee reduction or waiver.

What screening formats does WVN Film Festival accept for submissions?

All films must be submitted digitally through Film Freeway. If there is a password on your screener, please provide that information.

View complete Submissions Guidelines.

If you have any further questions, please contact wvnonlinefilmfestival@womensvoicesnow.org.