On the verge of becoming a woman, Sora is woken by a nightmare and decides to follow a group of men into the city in hopes of finding her mom.


About Minha Kim

Minha Kim is an award winning Director based in London. She was born in South Korea and graduated from the National Film and Television School in England. Her most recent film Sea Child (2015) won multiple awards such as, Best Film at Tweetfest in the United Kingdom, Best Student Film at Cut Out Fest in Mexico, Anibar Animation Festival at Kosovo, European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA in Serbia, and more; and was officially selected to over 40 international film festivals.


Director’s Statement

Growing up and becoming a woman could be terrifying and even painful. However, it is inevitable. Sea Child is the story about a young girl named Sora, who discovers sexuality in a dark and oppressing world. To express Sora’s fear, I chose hand-painted stop motion. I spent nine months painting, six to seven days a week, to create more than eight thousand images. All images lie in the details such as nuances of the brush strokes and the character movements.

A very interesting challenge we pursued was the idea of connecting three generations through the three songs in the film. With the music and the animation we wanted to show the connection among three female characters and relate them to womanhood. The three voice-actresses also performed the songs. I selected non-professional singers to get authenticity. Rather than professional singers, fragility in voices reflects the state of mind. Because of this the music became more a part of the story.

Doing hand-painted stop motion with calligraphy ink was a new technique for me, and getting the right ink on the right canvas with the right paint while trying to convey the story was very challenging. I have never seen this specific technique being done before, on such a large scale. Even though there was a lot of trying and failing, I wanted to make the animation this way.