A young Japanese girl keeps a secret to assuage the jadedness she feels in her life.


About Grace Swee

Grace Swee graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2010. She pursued filmmaking independently; directing and producing short films back home. She is currently studying at Columbia University School of the Arts, pursuing an MFA in Directing/Screenwriting. She enjoys telling stories of different genres, leaning towards films that expound on family relations, deep character studies, and magical realism.


Director’s Statement

I had the idea of exploring a young girl’s pain as she navigates through the expectations put upon her by family, society, and, inevitably, herself. Society tends to judge people constantly, putting labels on a person based on what they see or think they see. I wanted to look at the layers of a person and debunk the dichotomies of good and bad, mature and immature, weak and powerful. In doing so I find a nuanced ambivalence that is both beautiful and heartbreaking, which aptly describes the human experience.