Our Hope

Anna Hickman | Cambodia | 2014 |10 mins
Leung Tola excelled at school but poverty and polio prevented her from continuing her studies or finding work until she discovered the Cambodian Handicraft Association which provides young women like her with employment training, English classes, food, a home and paid work.

Female Condoms Are My Power

Jaime Jacobsen | Mozambique | 2013 | 5 mins
In Mozambique, sexually active women play a game of roulette with their health. Only 1 woman in 5 use contraception and more than 1 woman in 10 between the ages of 15 and 29 are HIV positive.

Before We Forget

Jeremy Boo & Lee Xian Jie | Singapore | 2012 | 54 mins
Filmed in an observational style, Before We Forget is the interwoven story of two Singaporean families and their year long journey with dementia.

The Tree

Kaenipa Phanakorn | Thailand | 2012| 17 mins
Pla, a twelve year old girl from Thailand spends her days in a secret sanctuary while her mother is admitted in a mental institution.


Kaenipa Phanakorn | Thailand | 2012 | 15 mins
Orn, an aging mother struggles as a sewing worker in Bangkok while caring for her Asperger- afflicted son. As Orn dreams of freedom away from her mundane existence, the film shifts between imagination and reality which evokes the complex feelings and struggles of motherhood.

En Espera

Gabriela Calvache | Ecuador | 15 mins
Between the city and the country, the subtle modern forms of slavery unfold. A girl disappears down the mountain to wait for the pick-up truck that will transport her to the city. Once there, a somber walls will absorb her steps and silence her voice.

Breaking the Silence (2014)

Ishani K Dutta | India | 2014 | 31 mins
Breaking the Silence is about the right of women in India to a safe and respectful workplace – which we understand to be a basic right for any human being to survive.

Educate Our Daughters

Belmaya Nepali | Nepal | 2017 | 8 mins
Interweaving her own journey from being labelled ‘cow-dung brain’ by her teacher, to becoming a documentary filmmaker, with her dreams for her 4-year-old daughter’s education, a young low-caste Nepali woman explores the state of education for girls in Nepal.


Anusha Bose | India | 2018 | 24 mins
Shame is a dark comedy that walks the thin line that separates the two worlds; the haves from the have-nots; the affluent from the service providers; the indulgent from the repressed.

Camellia – Kerria – Pink

Tomoko Karina | Japan | 2018 | 11 mins
In 1941, Japan, 3 Japanese young women, Michiyo, Fumiko and Haruko are having lovely afternoon tea in a park, celebrating Fumiko’s engagement. It seems nothing concerns them except for not getting a good seat for the show of their favorite Kabuki actor. But in reality, they are thrown into the swirl of most violent war in a world history.

Ameaçados | Threatened

Julia Mariano | Brazil | 2014 | 22 mins
Deep in Brazil, where law and justice require first and last name, the struggle for a piece of land becomes a matter of life or death. Peasants in the South and Southeast of Pará who have to fight and survive for a piece of land.


Maryam Haddadi | Iran | 2017 | 17 mins
This is a portrait of a young girl who is the swimming “champion of champions”in Iran and there’s no competitor against her. A female champion who, in spite of Islamic recommendations about learning how to swim and her own personal skills, has no place in Islamic republic government and no one really knows her. all swimming plan are shooting in underground way.

The Invisible Wounds of War

Robert Stockwell | Turkey | 2018 | 12 mins
Two professional female comedians, 1 a trained trauma therapist traveled to the Syrian border to work with displaced Syrian youth suffering from grief and loss.

Heart and Soul

Julia Mariano | Brazil | 2017 | 24 mins
Heart & Soul portrays the life of four women from the Brazilian landless workers movement who changed their lives through the relation between their bodies and the land they live in.

Acting Audition

Sahra Asadollahi | Iran | 2016 | 39 mins
A young girl director starts an Acting Audition to choose a kid for her new film, at the first step she selects some children including girls and boys. During the test, the children say about their secrets. And thus, the director decides to change the subject of her film.

Nunca Mas Hermanos

Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben | Italy, Mexico | 2017 | 24 mins
Nunca Mas Hermanos explores the injustices that the Mexican people have endured in recent history, from the 90,000 people who were killed during the Civil War to the over 32,000 people who have disappeared since 2006.