Francais Langue Etrangere

Kartik Singh | France | 2009 | 13 mins
In France, where the issue of religious symbols worn in public continues to divide society, a Muslim woman castigates another for wearing the headscarf to a French-language course.

Behind the Wall

Anonymous | Kyrgyzstan | 2009 | 27 mins
Without legal recourse or a way out, Lena murdered her husband with a sledgehammer after years of vicious physical violence against her and her three sons.

World Wide Women

Andra Roman | Romania | 2014 | 4 mins
Reflecting upon woman’s evolution from the dawn of time until the present day: A woman is not defined by a man, nor by his actions. 

Inscriptions on the Rosewater

Salah Elmur | Sudan | 2009 | 16 mins
In north Sudan, Nubian village women celebrate the completion of their private homes with friends and neighbors who help the woman of the house decorate her home with symbols of protection, prosperity, and beauty.

A, B, C…

Mahbooba Ibrahimi | Afghanistan | 2011 | 21 mins
Tamanna, a 15-year-old disabled girl, has a burning desire to learn. Education is not readily available but her mother, with the help of an aid agency, is determined to help Tamanna realize her dream.


Elizabeth Mizon | UK | 2015 | 6 mins
Borders gives a personal and intimate insight into the hushed-up ‘virginity tests’ that women migrants were subjected to in the 1970s, as reported by The Guardian in 2011.

Voices of Afghanistan

Heather Metcalfe | Afghanistan | 2009 | 14 mins
Four Afghan women work tirelessly to rebuild their country and, in doing so, seek to tear down the walls to women’s freedom that the Taliban’s rule put in place.


Taj Mohammad Bakhtari | Afghanistan | 2008 | 26 mins
War and devastation in Afghanistan rob the country’s future, its children, not only of their childhood but also the opportunity to do more than just survive; like Sahar, a 14-year-old girl who works to support her family while trying to keep up with her schooling. 

My Name is Pat

Patricia Fermazi | United Arab Emirates | 2010 | 11 mins
A young Filipina expatriate struggles to define her identity as an outsider living and working in the United Arab Emirates.

Oppression of Hazara in Afghanistan

Zareen Taj | Afghanistan | 2008 | 12 mins
Prolonging two centuries of persecution, the Taliban ethnically cleansed the Hazara people in Afghanistan because of their ethnicity and religion. The Hazara women share their double struggle, as women, with misogyny and the ethnic conflict.

Alauddin’s Girls

Mahbooba Ibrahimi | Afghanistan | 2009 | 23 mins
Prolonged war and violence have left too many children of Afghanistan orphaned. Sisterhood thrives among the young women and girls of an orphanage in Kabul, a necessity for coping with the ongoing and all-encompassing tragedy that surrounds them.

Why Can’t You See Me?

Andra Roman | Romania | 2016 | 8 mins
An ode to all women: Those who appear to be strong, those who we deem weak, those who fight to have their voices heard, and those who are fighting the quiet fight.

Heart on Fire

Beri Shalmashi | Iraqi Kurdistan | 2013 | 7 mins
Derya’s badly burned body brings the tragic reality of self-immolation and honor violence in Iraqi Kurdistan under scrutiny. 


Talieh Rohani | USA | 2007 | 10 mins
An experiment in the visual representation of the experience of self-exploration and self-expression among young women in the Islamic Republic in Iran.

The Nonsense

Noha Redwan | Egypt | 2010 | 2 mins
Side by side, some women toil in anguish; shoulder to shoulder, face to face, but somehow unable to break out of the repetitive insanity of existence.

In Limbo: Kashmir’s Half Widows

Lebul Nisa | India | 2010 | 6 mins
The unknown fate of disappeared men in the decades’ long conflict in Kashmir leaves women as “half widows” – unable to mourn and forbidden to move forward.

Campaign Reservation Express

Vandana K | India | 2010 | 3 mins
In 2010, women demonstrated across India in support of the Women’s Reservation Bill, proposing a 33 percent quota for women in national, state, and local offices. They continue to fight for better representation in one of the world’s largest democracies.

Whose Honour?

Neha Sehgal | India | 2010 | 5 mins
In the North Indian state of Haryana, Khap Panchayats (caste councils) condone honor killings of men and women who break local code forbidding the marriage of two members of the same clan – a practice that violates the constitutional rights guaranteed to all citizens of India.

Land of Dragons

Salam Babina Devi | India | 2010 | 3 mins
The state of Manipur in the north east of India has witnessed 15 years of armed conflict. Today, the people of the state want the government to withdraw the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which gives army personnel special privileges that could easily be misused.

Colorful Qormai

Khadim Hussain Byhname | Afghanistan | 2015 | 7 mins
A seamstress sweeps pieces of colorful cloth thrown from the second floor by a blacksmith’s wife. Taking her neighbor’s “trash” she sews a quilt (Qormai) in an act of hope and possibility.