Susana Casares | Tunisia | 2007 | 16 mins
Interviews with Tunisian women of different backgrounds reveal issues of identity, representation, tradition, and modernity; and a dialogue between the two realms of dreams and reality.

The Unveiled

Ola Diab | Qatar | 2009 | 5 mins
For some a matter of interpretation, for others a symbol of faith, dialogue and debate on the “proper” covering for women in Islam influence the lives of Muslim women around the world.

Half Value Life

Alka Sadat | Afghanistan | 2009 | 25 mins
Dealing with criminals, mafia groups, and narcotics smugglers, Marya Bashir is the first female Afghan-Hindo public prosecutor in Afghanistan. Putting her own life in danger, she works to bring perpetrators of violence against women to justice.

Male and Female

Ahmed Adel | Egypt | 2010 | 5 mins
To what end will one man go to father a son over a daughter?

The Molky Way

Franc Planas | Iran | 2009 | 25 mins
Fourteen years after her husband’s passing Mrs. Molky decides to visit family in Isfahan, leaving the daily memorializing of her husband for the first time.


Mustafa Kia | Afghanistan | 2009 | 3 mins
For a young Afghan woman, a pair of sunglasses symbolizes a life she may never lead — still, she yearns.


Zümrüt Çavuşoğlu | Turkey | 2008 | 10 mins
A university student is forbidden from entering her university because she is wearing a headscarf.

Living With Stones

Khaled Hasan | Bangladesh | 2010 | 9 mins
Earning a meager two dollars a day, women crush stones in an unregulated and environmentally damaging industry that depletes the local resources and the dignity of its workers.

After 35 Years

Alka Sadat | Afghanistan | 2012 | 40 mins
After 35 years of war, Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of domestic violence and a judicial system that severely lacks in just family law. On top of which, those working tirelessly for reform face severe opposition from conservatives. 


Rachel Monosov | Israel | 2008 | 4 mins
A pink headscarf, childish and feminine, slowly unravels. Sexuality and exposure push back against a dominant conservative culture.

The Sound of the Footstep

Mariam Nabil Kamal | Afghanistan | 2010 | 25 mins
In a factory producing and fitting prosthetic limbs, filmmaker Miriam Kamal forces us to look at the devastating effects of decades of war in Afghanistan.

The Branded Girls

Bijoyeta Das and Khaled Hasan | Bangladesh | 2010 | 10 mins
Lured by dreams of financial independence, Bangladeshi girls and women become no more than slaves in sweatshops for the globalized world’s most popular clothing brands.

The Path to Follow

Nazifa Xakizadu | Afghanistan | 2010 | 11 mins
Young Afghan girls gain confidence through a local Tae Kwon Do class.

Spring ’89

Ayten Amin | Egypt | 2009 | 26 mins
In the confusion of burgeoning sexuality, Camelia and Sarah share an object of desire to the detriment of their friendship.

I…Am A Woman

Sheherzad Kaleem | Pakistan | 2008 | 30 mins
Theater group Tehrik-e-Niswan challenges assumptions around education, forced marriages, and honor killings in Pakistan. Led by Sheema Kirmani, the theater group hopes to inspire engagement in women’s equal rights.

The Journey

Ananya Chakroborti | Bangladesh | 2009 | 7 mins
Bangladeshi girls are trafficked and sold into neighboring India every day. For the rescued, the journey to rehabilitation and reintegration is fraught with emotion and obstacles.


Gihan Eltahir | Sudan | 2010 | 16 mins
Art is an infinite source of energy for 83-year-old Sittana, a Sudanese female artist who succeeded against all odds.


Parang Khezri | Iran | 2010 | 5 mins
Confined and contained for being born a woman, there is little to do while waiting still.

Again Life

Hassan Fazeli | Afghanistan | 2009 | 14 mins
Having lost a limb in a mine explosion, an Afghan woman perseveres in her dream to hold political office to change her reality and that of her compatriots.