Musta a Dila – Justice Seeking Angels

Sangita Datta | India | 2013 | 3 mins
Urufa’s husband leaves her by initiating talaq, one-sided divorce available to men under the tenets of Islam. Determined not to be victimized, she speaks out against this nexus of religious malpractice and male tyranny.

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Alka Sadat | Afghanistan | 2013 | 29 mins
For those who fall victim to the hardships of being female in Afghanistan, many see self-immolation and suicide as the only way to escape an already determined destiny; others valiantly pursue justice and the rule of law.

Slaves of the Islamic State

Pari Ibrahim | Iraqi Kurdistan, Netherlands | 2015 | 15 mins
Yazidi fighters and women survivors of the ISIS siege of Mount Sinjar speak about their horrific experiences from the relative safety of the Duhok and Zaxo refugee camps.

When the Dust Settles

Pouria Siminpour | Iran | 2013 | 16 mins
In her misery and loneliness, a young divorcée spies on her neighbor, a prostitute with a steady stream of male visitors but who lives independent of men.

Darya’s Dream

Jamil Jalla | Afghanistan | 2013 | 19 mins
Two sisters, Roya and Darya, dream of starting anew, but when Roya’s boss accuses her of theft she is left vulnerable to his sexual advances without recourse.

Memory of a Heart

Tribeny Rai | India | 2016 | 5 mins
Based on journal entries, this experimental film is a series of episodic memories relayed by a daughter about her father.

Her Words: Storytelling with Saris

Monica Jahan Bose and Nandita Ahmed | Bangladesh, USA | 2013 | 30 mins
A life-changing eco-empowerment project empowers twelve Muslim women of Katakhali Village, Bangladesh, to overcome gender discrimination, child marriage, lack of access to education, and climate change with resilience.

Like in a Mirror

Tamer Samy Aziz | Egypt | 2013 | 12 mins
When a young and battered wife of a state police officer meets a young revolutionary poet, their lives change. In the irony of shared misery, they find hope.

Shadow of the Stone

Fatemeh Keihani | Iran | 2013 | 15 mins
Condemned to death by stoning for choosing a man to love, Shahrzad relives her life from death to childhood.

A Chronicle of Tahrir Square

Nour Zaki | Egypt | 2014 | 11 mins
Nidal’s father is injured amidst the violent clashes in Tahrir Square at the start of 2011 uprising in Egypt. She must face the chaos in the heart of the square to save her father.

Just a Prayer

Farah Merani | Canada | 2013 | 13 mins
Anita, a modern Muslim woman who seems to have everything, remains deeply dissatisfied with her life-path. She makes a major decision believing that it will bring her happiness and opportunity, only to discover regret and loss.

Fashioning Faith

Yasmin Moll | USA | 2009 | 22 mins
Muslim clothing designers in New York City combine high fashion with a high sense of piety. Their designs aim to stay true to Islamic principles of feminine modesty, while attempting to break into the modern fashion market.

Voice of a Woman Living with HIV

Malaysian AIDS Council | Malaysia | 2009 | 2 mins
Leila is a Muslim woman and a single mother who was infected with HIV by her drug-addict husband. In 2005, treatment and medication for HIV and AIDS were made free of charge in Malaysia, where a surviving Leila works for the Malaysian AIDS Council to help others in her same situation.

Berxen Kulek (Lame Lambs)

Yunus Yildirim | Turkey | 2013 | 12 mins
Despite his reluctance to fulfill a cultural and social duty, Neco, a Kurdish nomad, sells his late brother’s wife in order to survive.

It Is Written

Mostafa Heravi | Netherlands | 2006 | 5 mins
Wearing ballet slippers, a woman in chador passionately dances to ancient Persian music, showing us what that freedom might look like.

The American Dream

Paolo Patruno | USA, Italy | 2015 | 49 mins
With the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country, African-American women in the United States are nearly four times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than their white counterparts.


Aroop Dwivedi | India | 2014 | 13 mins
A mother’s devotion to her son is unceasing as she strives to give her son the best life she can, even if it means she will ultimately lose him and time will take her away from him.


Jamshed Kholikov | Tajikistan | 2008 | 5 mins
Hands tied and head covered, trapped like a bird in a cage, she yearns to be free.

Jazbaa: A Strong Will

Rama Barhat | India | 2010 | 5 mins
As the only female rickshaw driver in Udaipur, India, Manju Khatri is no ordinary woman; she’s challenging a male-dominated society with every ride she makes.