Gihan Eltahir | Sudan | 2010 | 16 mins
Art is an infinite source of energy for 83-year-old Sittana, a Sudanese female artist who succeeded against all odds.

For All Women

Gamal Ferhdi | Indonesia | 2010 | 18 mins
Sinta Nuriyah, a former first lady of Indonesia fights for women’s rights and marginalized groups.

Like a Bird in a Cage

Güliz Saglam | Turkey | 2009 | 30 mins
Protesting unfair work conditions, Emine Arslan is fired from her factory job along with her co-workers who dared to speak out against their employer.


Ashley Zahorian | USA | 2010 | 23 mins
Menna Youssef is a young, single, Egyptian-American, Muslim woman earning her PhD in engineering, which frustrates her meddlesome auntie who just wants to see Menna settle down.

Breaking the Silence

Ammar Basha | Yemen | 2009 | 12 mins
Racial injustice defines the lives of the “Akhdam” women, or servant women, in Yemen. Of African descent, these women face violence, sexual assaults, and abuse without any legal or social consequences for the crimes committed against them.

New Horizons

Aref Mohammadi | Iran | 2008 | 15 mins
Pursuing work in the male-dominated profession of car repairs, Zahra faces a number of obstacles posed by her gender.

Muslimah Q

Christina Clare | USA | 2010 | 4 mins
A young Muslim woman recounts both her experience of converting to Islam and coming out of the closet.


Riska Indriaswari | Indonesia | 2010 | 22 mins
Anisah is the first Acehnese woman appointed to the executive office of the subdistrict Plimbang, but local Islamic clerics challenge her authority in the name of Islamic Shariah law.

Value of Women?

S. Ali Mousavi Azad and S. Es’haq Husseini | Afghanistan | 2010 | 34 mins
In Afghanistan, the value of a woman is determined by the men in her life who dominate in a society where women are perceived as objects, no matter where they go.

The Sweet Melody of Politics

Mona Haidari | Afghanistan | 2009 | 20 mins
A singer aspires to be a political representative in the Provincial Council Election in Kabul. She must think unconventionally in a male-dominated society, even after the fall of the Taliban.

You Can Dream: Stories of Moroccan Women Who Do

Cortney Healy | Morocco | 2010 | 27 mins
Six Moroccan women from the country’s diverse, rural countryside inspire the women around them with entrepreneurship and the ability to become financially independent.

A Call at Night

Basma | Palestinian Territories | 2009 | 11 mins
A girl from Gaza is betrayed by a fiancé that her family forces her to leave. When he rapes her in protest of the family’s interference, she is left to blame and deal with the stigma a rape survivor endures from family and community.

Women in a Refugee Camp in Pakistan

Shereena Qazi | Pakistan | 2009 | 4 mins
Escaping war, internally-displaced persons from tribal regions of Pakistan come to Jalozai Camp in Pakistan. Despite illiteracy, women in the camp take leadership in giving essential health and hygiene education to the refugees.

The Taxi Takes: Women and Islam

Vandana Sood | India | 2009 | 21 mins
In the era post-26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008, what happens when people from different classes and faiths sit across from each other in a taxi and take a journey together?

Handful of Ash

Nabaz Ahmad | Iraqi Kurdistan | 2005 | 33 mins
Iraqi-Kurdish women and girls recall their traumatic experiences with genital mutilation, a practice that only persists where custom goes unquestioned and with detrimental consequence to the well being of an entire society.

My Sin…?

Hafizullah Yoosefi | Afghanistan | 2013 | 26 mins
Through the eyes of Hadis, a seven-year-old Afghani girl who has lost her father to the three-decades’ long war, we experience a country riddled with poverty, corruption, and human rights violations. 

Do Not Trust My Silence!

Mubareka Sahar Fetrat | Afghanistan | 2013 | 9 mins
In the current climate of Afghanistan – plagued by war and uncertainty – it is difficult to be a woman, and men often make it even more challenging.

Fight Acid Violence

Shahida Akther | Bangladesh | 2013 | 45 mins
Acid attacks in Bangladesh occur daily where social taboo around this form of violence against women silences victims, doctors, and employees of treatment and rehabilitation centers, alike.

In the Name of Tradition

May El Hossamy | Egypt | 2013 | 15 mins
Between tradition and modernity, a woman’s body is marketed, honored, or mutilated, and her destiny is irrevocably linked to blood.

Musta a Dila – Justice Seeking Angels

Sangita Datta | India | 2013 | 3 mins
Urufa’s husband leaves her by initiating talaq, one-sided divorce available to men under the tenets of Islam. Determined not to be victimized, she speaks out against this nexus of religious malpractice and male tyranny.