Taj Mohammad Bakhtari | Afghanistan | 2008 | 26 mins
War and devastation in Afghanistan rob the country’s future, its children, not only of their childhood but also the opportunity to do more than just survive; like Sahar, a 14-year-old girl who works to support her family while trying to keep up with her schooling. 

My Name is Pat

Patricia Fermazi | United Arab Emirates | 2010 | 11 mins
A young Filipina expatriate struggles to define her identity as an outsider living and working in the United Arab Emirates.

Oppression of Hazara in Afghanistan

Zareen Taj | Afghanistan | 2008 | 12 mins
Prolonging two centuries of persecution, the Taliban ethnically cleansed the Hazara people in Afghanistan because of their ethnicity and religion. The Hazara women share their double struggle, as women, with misogyny and the ethnic conflict.

Alauddin’s Girls

Mahbooba Ibrahimi | Afghanistan | 2009 | 23 mins
Prolonged war and violence have left too many children of Afghanistan orphaned. Sisterhood thrives among the young women and girls of an orphanage in Kabul, a necessity for coping with the ongoing and all-encompassing tragedy that surrounds them.

In Limbo: Kashmir’s Half Widows

Lebul Nisa | India | 2010 | 6 mins
The unknown fate of disappeared men in the decades’ long conflict in Kashmir leaves women as “half widows” – unable to mourn and forbidden to move forward.

Campaign Reservation Express

Vandana K | India | 2010 | 3 mins
In 2010, women demonstrated across India in support of the Women’s Reservation Bill, proposing a 33 percent quota for women in national, state, and local offices. They continue to fight for better representation in one of the world’s largest democracies.

Whose Honour?

Neha Sehgal | India | 2010 | 5 mins
In the North Indian state of Haryana, Khap Panchayats (caste councils) condone honor killings of men and women who break local code forbidding the marriage of two members of the same clan – a practice that violates the constitutional rights guaranteed to all citizens of India.

Land of Dragons

Salam Babina Devi | India | 2010 | 3 mins
The state of Manipur in the north east of India has witnessed 15 years of armed conflict. Today, the people of the state want the government to withdraw the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which gives army personnel special privileges that could easily be misused.

Pakistan Floods: Gulanaz’s Story

Save the Children | Pakistan | 2010 | 3 mins
11 year old Gulnaz shares her story of the destructive Pakistan floods which displaced her and her family.

Inside Out

Divya Cowasji and Shilpi Gulati | India | 2011 | 15 mins
Advocating for unfettered access to public space in Mumbai, young Muslim women demand the right to exist without fear of sexual harassment.

Saturday Mothers of Turkey

Bijoyeta Das | Turkey | 2010 | 5 mins
Gathering in protest, the activist group the Saturday Mothers of Turkey demand the whereabouts of their disappeared detainees and call for accountability on the part of the Turkish government in the protracted Kurdish conflict. 

Ms. Ma and Her Literacy Class

Aide et Action | China | 2008 | 11 mins
Increasing literacy among women remains a global struggle. In Ningxia Province, where one fifth of the Muslim population in China lives, we meet Ms. Ma, the backbone of Aid et Action’s literacy project.

Where Are the Men?

Taraneh Salke | Afghanistan, USA | 2011 | 15 mins
Successful family planning, improved women’s health, and development in Afghanistan require the support of the country’s men as well as the women. Yet, in a place where women require men’s permission to leave the house, seek health care, or use contraceptives, how will this come about?

The Ripple Effect

Sarah Jahaan Khan | Pakistan | 2015 | 6 mins
Access to safe water transforms the lives of rural women in Pakistan, giving them the freedom to pursue new opportunities for earning an income to invest in their families.

Afghanistan Women in the 1393 Election

Roya Sadat and Alka Sadat | Afghanistan | 2015 | 15 mins
Afghan women defied Taliban threats by participating in the election that determined former-President Hamid Karzai’s successor. Amid allegations of systematic electoral fraud, a runoff prolonged the process for six months as NATO troops withdrew.