Semiotics of Islam

Fouzia Najar | USA | 2015 | 7 mins
From A-Z, symbols of faith and articles of ritual found in a Muslim home are set against a backdrop of alarmist, media misinformation that only foments further misunderstanding and ignorance.

Male and Female

Ahmed Adel | Egypt | 2010 | 5 mins
To what end will one man go to father a son over a daughter?


Mustafa Kia | Afghanistan | 2009 | 3 mins
For a young Afghan woman, a pair of sunglasses symbolizes a life she may never lead — still, she yearns.


Rachel Monosov | Israel | 2008 | 4 mins
A pink headscarf, childish and feminine, slowly unravels. Sexuality and exposure push back against a dominant conservative culture.

The Reflex

Ali Mousavi and Hussein Mousavi | Afghanistan | 2013 | 13 mins
Public discussion of sex is forbidden in the conservative Muslim country of Afghanistan, but young people always challenge taboos.

Aseer Shahzadi

Sheema Kermani | Pakistan | 2002 | 6 mins
Feminist Urdu poetess, Fahmida Riaz, exposes the cruel customs that oppress women and keep them from fulfilling their true potential.

Vomit II

Celia Eslamieh Shomal | Iran, Netherlands | 2013 | 2 mins
Chronic sexual harassment causes psychological trauma in the form of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and/or stress. Women internalize their anger toward a misogynist society, which only celebrates women who turn against each other.

I Accept I Accept I Accept

Sanaa Iftikhar | Pakistan | 2007 | 6 mins
In Pakistan, tradition allows a woman to enter into marriage with a man she hardly knows by uttering “I accept” three times, binding her to him and a life she did not necessarily choose.

Stoning Women

Hejer Charf | Canada | 2010 | 4 mins
The Prophet Muhammah (PBUH) loved perfume, women, and prayer. Violence against women in Islam today is an aberration of his vision for the Ummah.

1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim

Anida Yoeu Ali | USA | 2010 | 6 mins
Hate crime victims among American Muslims in Chicago inspired this collaborative project between artist Anida Yoeu Ali and filmmaker Masahiro Sugano. A dramatic layering of portraits against racial profiling hopes to inspire unity.


Ugur Ferhat Kormaz | Turkey | 2013 | 4 mins
A transgender person is marginalized by her family and fears for her safety in public. To feel close to someone, she finds her family in her dreams, but even her dreams turn into nightmares.


Ramia Beladel | Morocco | 2013 | 4 mins
The deep layers and nuances of the female psyche reveal how women are forced to hide as a means of protecting their right to exist.

Get Along

Parya Vatankhah | Iran | 2013 | 6 mins
Ambiguity and paradox demonstrate the beauty and inevitable tragedy of human relations. Dictators and the power of religion corrupt the most intimate relationships between women and men, or between people of the same sex.


Ashley Moloney | Ireland | 2014 | 2 mins
An experimental short film that uses nostalgic imagery to discuss current attitudes about women.

Memory of a Heart

Tribeny Rai | India | 2016 | 5 mins
Based on journal entries, this experimental film is a series of episodic memories relayed by a daughter about her father.

It Is Written

Mostafa Heravi | Netherlands | 2006 | 5 mins
Wearing ballet slippers, a woman in chador passionately dances to ancient Persian music, showing us what that freedom might look like.


Jamshed Kholikov | Tajikistan | 2008 | 5 mins
Hands tied and head covered, trapped like a bird in a cage, she yearns to be free.

A Dream Of Paper Flowers

Leila Jarman | USA | 2016 | 6 mins
A Dream of Paper Flowers is a poetry film and a soundscape steeped in allegory, a capsule of femmy horror, unnerving and captivating. It is a glimpse into the raw, jagged coals of the female psyche. 

Crushing Stones

Negin Vaziri | USA | 2010 | 5 mins
Covered by a veil or uncovered, this film explores humiliation as part of the female experience.


Celia Eslamieh Shomal | Netherlands | 2010 | 4 mins
An experimental film in search of the meaning of beauty and free will.