An impoverished young woman struggles to support herself and her ailing parents but wants to change her life desperately. What if she could do so by taking someone else’s bag in a bus station?

In Circles was an official selection of the 2016 WVN Online Film Festival.

About Masooma Ibrahimi

Masooma Ibrahimi was born in Daikondy province, Afghanistan (1983). Due to the Russia war, her family immigrated to Iran. In 2003, she returned to Afghanistan to earn an MBA. She is currently a lecturer at private universities. She began her career in media as a private TV director and writer. After participating in the British Council’s filmmaking workshop, she created two films: “In Circle” and “Arastoo.” “In Circle” earned best fiction film award from the International Women’s Film Festival – Herat (2015). She has also worked on a long documentary about Afghan women. Masooma has also written for the Golden Hill Daily Serial In TKG (Killid Radio) 2014. She has also been a custom assistant in the German long Fiction film, “Between the Worlds,” directed by Feo Aladag. She has been a script writer in many short films directed by young filmmakers. In 2015, she participated in the Human Rights and Documentary filmmaking seminar in Galway, Ireland.