As a young wife, Miita finally finds comfort in her first pregnancy after enduring years of marital rape, physical violence, and mental and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. One day she decides to take matters into her own hands to protect her newborn daughter.

About Clare Chong

Clare Chong received her International Baccalaureate diploma from SOTA, School Of The Arts Singapore, and is currently earning a film degree at Lasalle College of the Arts. She is currently freelancing in the media industry and also runs her own film company called Hei Studio.

Clare’s body of works consist of narrative short films, music videos, experimental films, video art, documentaries, and commercials. She has had her works screened at the 11th Singapore Short Cuts 2014, Yale NUS Arts Festival 2015, Humanities Symposium Singapore 2014, University of Cambridge, Cairo Video Festival 2017, Fargo Film Festival 2017. She received 2nd prize for an experimental film made during the 13 Little Pictures Film Lab in Bangkok 2013; 2nd Prize for Hi-story, My Story Filmmaking Competition in 2013, as well as nominations for Best Fiction, Best Director, Best Performance and Best Script for the 6th Singapore Short Film awards 2015.

Director’s Statement

My bodies of work are concerned with the minute-to-minute interactions that humans have with one another. I am interested in issues prevalent in mundane life; the quiet moments, the wink of an eye, the slight curl of the lips, the shift in tone that consists of various nuances. Often my subjects are the quiet outcasts of society we don’t pay attention to; the lonely security guard, a girl dealing with her emotional insecurities, or a person who can’t figure out his or her sexuality. I prefer to portray my subjects through prying, almost rudely, into the intimate. This approach forces the viewer to question the way in which we gaze and observe the subjects. Are we approaching the subject and the subject matter objectively, or with a certain preconception, judgment, and opinion?