Orn, an aging mother struggles as a sewing worker in Bangkok while caring for her Asperger-afflicted son. As Orn dreams of freedom away from her mundane existence, the film shifts between imagination and reality which evokes the complex feelings and struggles of motherhood.

Director’s Statement

I’m always drawn to stories about relationships within dysfunctional families because I feel that families play an important role as the basis of who we are and how we become in the world. With “Oriole” I wanted to explore the character of a mother who does something which somewhat betrays the audience’s expectation, a character who is not so black and white. I’m also interested to investigate a situation where the character puts herself through an experience which could be an irreversible mistake. The style of shifting between reality and imagination or the conscious and the unconscious is quite fascinating to me as I find that the juxtaposition of the two realms creates certain depth and dimension to the film.