Kel Hanney | USA | 2015 | 14 mins
Consider the pivotal points of three women: one must decide her role in assisted suicide, another reveals that she was sexually abused to her partner, and a third woman must decide how she lives with cancer. Would you decide the same?

Growing Strong

Rita Ciolek | USA | 2015 | 30 mins
A physically and emotionally abused girl escapes home in an attempt to find refuge at her free-spirited grandmother’s horse farm.


Zainab Entezar | Afghanistan | 2015 | 6 mins
A single woman searches for a home to rent in Kabul, Afghanistan, but no one is willing to help her in her quest for shelter and safety.

Beautiful Beast!

Roya Sadat | Afghanistan | 2015 | 5 mins
A music video for the band Tapei Teahouse raising global awareness of women’s empowerment in Afghanistan.