Celia Eslamieh Shomal | Netherlands | 2010 | 4 mins
An experimental film in search of the meaning of beauty and free will. 


Syed Mohammed Hassan | Pakistan | 2009 | 5 mins
For the Bheel and Kohli tribes in the Sind province of Pakistan where women toil crushing stones, slavery is alive and well.

Birth of Death

Safoura Ahmadisatari | Iran | 2003 | 11 mins
An innocent baby is born with AIDS into a world that cannot cope with the pain and shame the child symbolizes.


Kathleen Frances Orr | USA | 2015 | 6 mins
A day in the life of a desperate fight to fulfill one’s deepest wish – to be useful in this world.

Laila and the Garbage Man

Kefaya Diab | Jordan | 2008 | 7 mins
Laila is a neglected teenage girl but her life changes when she befriends an elderly garbage man in her neighborhood.


Alysse Stepanian | USA | 2009 | 6 mins
With her broom as a weapon of protest, Alysse discovers a newfound strength among other underprivileged women at the beginning of the Iranian Revolution.

A Land Called Paradise

Lena Khan | USA | 2007 | 5 mins
What happens when you ask over 2,000 Muslim Americans what they would like to say to the world? 

Beyond Belief

Beth Murphy | Afghanistan | 2006 | 18 mins
Susan Retik and Patti Quigley, two American women who lost their husbands on September 11th, overcome their grief by reaching out to war widows in Afghanistan.

Girl’s Talk

Mayye Zayed | Egypt | 2010 | 4 mins
Friendship blossoms between two teenage girls who communicate from inside the stalls of their highschool bathroom.

Feminin Masculin

Sadaf Foroughi | Iran | 2007 | 9 mins
Farahnaz Shiri is the first female bus driver in Tehran. On her bus, Farahnaz is free to upend gender norms and make women aware of their second-class citizenship, one rider at a time.

Post Violence

Afrooz Nasersharif | Iran | 2010 | 4 mins
Despite global violence against women, the spirit of woman cannot and will not be crushed.


Anonymous | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 2009 | 5 mins
In a frantic effort to uncover herself, a woman cuts away at the layers that sheath her, seeking to discover herself.

Francais Langue Etrangere

Kartik Singh | France | 2009 | 13 mins
In France, where the issue of religious symbols worn in public continues to divide society, a Muslim woman castigates another for wearing the headscarf to a French-language course.

Behind the Wall

Anonymous | Kyrgyzstan | 2009 | 27 mins
Without legal recourse or a way out, Lena murdered her husband with a sledgehammer after years of vicious physical violence against her and her three sons.

World Wide Women

Andra Roman | Romania | 2014 | 4 mins
Reflecting upon woman’s evolution from the dawn of time until the present day: A woman is not defined by a man, nor by his actions. 

Inscriptions on the Rosewater

Salah Elmur | Sudan | 2009 | 16 mins
In north Sudan, Nubian village women celebrate the completion of their private homes with friends and neighbors who help the woman of the house decorate her home with symbols of protection, prosperity, and beauty.

A, B, C…

Mahbooba Ibrahimi | Afghanistan | 2011 | 21 mins
Tamanna, a 15-year-old disabled girl, has a burning desire to learn. Education is not readily available but her mother, with the help of an aid agency, is determined to help Tamanna realize her dream.


Elizabeth Mizon | UK | 2015 | 6 mins
Borders gives a personal and intimate insight into the hushed-up ‘virginity tests’ that women migrants were subjected to in the 1970s, as reported by The Guardian in 2011.

Voices of Afghanistan

Heather Metcalfe | Afghanistan | 2009 | 14 mins
Four Afghan women work tirelessly to rebuild their country and, in doing so, seek to tear down the walls to women’s freedom that the Taliban’s rule put in place.


Taj Mohammad Bakhtari | Afghanistan | 2008 | 26 mins
War and devastation in Afghanistan rob the country’s future, its children, not only of their childhood but also the opportunity to do more than just survive; like Sahar, a 14-year-old girl who works to support her family while trying to keep up with her schooling.