The WVN Fiscal Sponsorship Program offers filmmakers with projects that align with our mission the benefit of our focused experience and reputation in the field. Film projects fiscally sponsored by Women’s Voices Now give contributors the incentive of a charitable deduction for income tax purposes, a service individual filmmakers could not otherwise offer. Learn more about these films below.
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Wild Darlings Sing the Blues

A radical movie about healing, using filmmaking as movement meditation.

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That Thing Called the Actor

A series of powerfully dramatic and poetic cinematic improvisations deconstruct the key aspects of the actor's craft.

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Half Widow

Disappeared husbands in the Kashmir conflict leave wives waiting in limbo emotionally and legally.

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The Black Suffragist: Trailblazers of Social Justice

Being neither male nor white, African-American women were left hanging in the balance of the 19th century suffrage movement.

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Soule and Anita are navigating their way between the sensitive years between adolescence and adulthood, hoping to realize their dreams.

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High Passes

In the harsh Himalayan winter, the women of Ladakh, India, are defying convention and entering a man’s world. They are India’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team.

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