Her Words: Storytelling with Saris

Her_words_storytelling_with_saris.png      A film by Monica Jahan Bose and Nandita Ahmed (Bangladesh & USA/2013/30:01).

This documentary film highlights the resilience and achievements of 12 Muslim women of Katakhali Village, Bangladesh in the face of gender discrimination, child marriage, lack of access to education, and climate change. Katakhali Village is located on a remote Bangladeshi island where a Bangladeshi women's organization has initiated an eco-empowerment project, which began in 2000.

The women of Katakhali were historically denied education and forced into child marriages. Through the eco-empowerment program, women are learning to read and have gained income generating skills, and scholarships are provided to allow girls and boys to finish high school and avoid early marriage. The women are now planning their family size, developing leadership skills, and enjoying much greater autonomy. They have improved their own lives and in turn transformed their entire community. Girls are now going to school in equal numbers to boys, child marriage has been reduced, the birthrate has dropped dramatically, and the preference for male children has diminished.

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