High Passes

In the harsh Himalayan winter, the women of Ladakh, India, are defying convention and entering a man’s world. They are India’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team.


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It is 4 am and Diskit has just about finished filling buckets of water. She scatters the water layer after layer all night long. At -20 degrees in Leh, high in the great Himalayas of northern India, Diskit is making an ice rink. Her other 14 team mates will arrive in a few hours for training; together they form the only women’s ice hockey team in the country.

Ice Hockey is a strange sight in India, however the sport has carved out a special place in Ladakh, “The Land of High Passes”, also home to the Men’s National Team. However, unlike the men who receive more donations, access to ice rinks, and a supply of equipment, the women are left to fend for themselves. Nevertheless they embrace this challenge, campaigning for donations of second hand equipment, and building their own ice rink with buckets of water deep in the night. The women’s assertion in such a physical role has been fraught with judgement and mockery, but they are determined with the support of each other to invalidate prejudice and establish their team.

They are training for their ultimate goal: To qualify for the World Cup. The true challenge however, lies in overcoming the social and environmental obstacles blocking their path. Through this documentary we hope to increase support for their cause and foundation. Their dedication and drive have the unique power to inspire other girls worldwide to take courage in their pursuits, no matter the opposition or lack of support they may be confronted with.

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Cosima Barzini – Director

Cosima is a London-based, French and Italian filmmaker. Coming from a history of art background, Cosima went to work in advertisement in Paris in 2013. In 2014 she moved to Rome to work in production. Starting out as a runner, translator, and production assistant, she looked to work behind the camera and seek her own stories. In 2015 she completed a Master's degree in Documentary Film at LCC, University of the Arts London. Since then, Cosima has been working as a freelance camera operator on music videos, promos, and, of course, documentary films. Parallel to that, she also films and edits her own documentary films. Her passion lies in sociological and cultural documentaries.

Moritz Maiworm – Producer

Moritz is a German and American filmmaker and producer based in London. Coming from a background in politics with a BA from King’s College London, he began working in student activist groups before moving into media production for companies in Berlin (2014) and London (2016). He completed a Master's in Documentary Film from University of the Arts London, London College of Communication, in 2015. He works freelance and edits and films his own projects as well as working in development and production of others. His focus is on political conflict and lives that exemplify social progress.

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