Hip Hop Kabul

A feature-length documentary film about the struggle and dreams of Afghanistan’s first female rapper, Paradise Soururi, who risks death threat from Taliban to become a world class hip hop star.


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In 1996, the Taliban forbade women and girls from working or going to school in Afghanistan. Since the regime was removed from Kabul in 2001, Paradise Sorouri, 24, returned from Iran to her war-torn country Afghanistan, determined to tell her hidden story with her music – hip hop music that is a newborn genre in Afghanistan.

Paradise Sorouri met Diverse Marwi, 25, at Herat University, where they shared a common passion for hip hop music, social justice, and Afghan dream for stardom. Together they turn Afghan women's tragedies into global awareness, and create hip hop music that speaks to the living conditions of women and girls in post-Taliban Afghan society, hip hop music that offers the younger generations' visions of a new Afghanistan.

Hip Hop Kabul is offering a number of perks to acknowledge the important support that you are offering to help get this film made, including Associate Producer/Co-Executive Producer/Executive Producer credits, invitations to the world premiere screening, a limited edition book on the making of Hip Hop Kabul, download of the film's soundtrack, t-shirts, posters, film stills, DVDs, and high visibility recognition of investors' contribution through film's credits, IMDb profile, poster, postcard, press-kit, website, and social media. Thank you very much in advance for your support, and for helping us make films that will make the world a better place.

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Fazila Amiri - Director

Fazila Amiri is an Afghan born Canadian writer, director. She has a BFA in Film Production from NSCAD University, and an MFA in Film Production from York University. As an independent filmmaker, her short films Paaizeb (2010), My Motherland (2015), The Knot (2012) have been shown at national and international film festivals including the 41st Montreal World Film Festival
(Canada), 31st Atlantic Film Festival (Canada), and Aga Khan Museum (Toronto).

Currently Fazila is on pre-production for her first feature documentary film, Hip Hop Kabul, and on festival circuit of her latest short film, The Photograph (2017).

Paul LEE - Producer

Paul LEE was born in Hong Kong, and graduated from the University of Toronto and from York University M.B.A. and M.F.A. As a film producer, LEE specialises in producing films for first-time filmmakers, and in producing international co-productions, women’s films, Asian films, human rights/social justice educational films, and LGBT/gender issues films. LEE also has made his own award-winning films including Thick Lips Thin Lips (1994), These Shoes weren’t Made for Walking (1995) and The Offering (1999).


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