A glimpse into the everyday life of Juanita, a Mayan traditional doctor, midwife, nurse and activist. Leader of "The Awakening of the Women who Heal,"; an organization of midwives in the Orient of Yucatan, Mexico. Juanita has dedicated her life to helping others with her gift for healing. The film follows Juanita as she redefines the meaning of modern and traditional medicine practices.

A film by Ximena Amescua Cuenca (Mexico | 2015 | 24 mins)



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Director's Statement

My film is narrated by a Mayan, Mexican single mother, who has overcome domestic violence through resilience and through her vocation for midwifery and healing through traditional indigenous practices. Her will to better herself has led her to seek education and support from groups that have informed and supported her on her career and during her trajectory of becoming the leader of her own organization of Mayan midwives. The organization focuses on providing healthcare education, and midwifery practices to indigenous women who live in communities around the area of where Juanita is from, Chemax, Yucatan. As an organization, the women provide workshops to address the high rate of domestic violence in their communities and provide them with a safe space and the tools for empowerment. Juanita is an example of a passionate, dedicated, strong woman who overcomes obstacles and sees them as opportunities to become a better person for the service of others, especially women.

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