Life, You Think You Own It

"Life, You Think You Own It" is an ultra-short film exploring the poetry, life philosophy, and musings on mortality by the 93-year-old feminist poet Adrienne Wolfert.

A film by Ellie Lobovits (USA | 2016 | 5 mins)



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About Eillie Lobovits

Ellie Lobovits is an activist filmmaker and anthropologist who sees her work as one part art, one part social activism, one part cultural theory, and a million parts hybrid. Ellie's work focuses on borderlands, the body, and feminist theory.

Ellie is also a photographer, farmer, and childbirth doula, and currently studies Visual Anthropology at San Francisco State University.

Director's Statement

My film explores mortality, creativity, and meaning through the poetry of a 93-year old woman poet named Adrienne Wolfert. The right to express, to be creative, is a crucial women's right that is commonly (and historically) denied.

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