Ouafae Bouzekri

Dr. Ouafae Bouzekri has taught in the English Department of the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of the Université Moulay Ismaïl in Meknes, Morocco, for over a decade. She is the executive member of a research group focusing on women’s issues called TANIT. Ouafae is a member of L'Association pour la Protection de la Famille Marocaine, which offers literacy programs in Arabic and English, and cooking and sewing lessons to help women improve their social background and to become financially independent.

L'Association also offers one-day seminars to help women become aware of new legislation and reforms concerning women in Morocco. The second association to which Ouafae belongs is the Initiative for the Protection of Women (IPDF), an organization serving victims of domestic violence by offering psychological and legal support to these women. Ouafae is the founder of a Community Service Club at the American Language Center in Kenitra, Morocco, whose goal is to recruit young Moroccans to carry out community service work, and to be concerned with social and economic justice. Her interests include gender studies, cultural diversity, and slam poetry.