• Arab Woman Platform

    Arab Woman Platform was put together by women just like you, in search of something more substantial with a focus on matters that everyday women can relate to.

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  • Viddsee

    Viddsee is a media and technology company that distributes and markets short movies through community-driven networks. Viddsee streams curated short movies via its Viddsee.com web-based video platform. 

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  • Her Film Project

    Her Film Project is a global initiative to support women and girls behind the camera, on screen, and behind the scenes, and to encourage film inclusion in all its forms. 

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  • The Los Angeles Film School

    The art of storytelling has evolved, and today the only limit to the movies, games, and media we make is our imagination. The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS) is committed to providing the best possible education to storytellers looking to start their careers creating animation, film, video games and audio.

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  • The Domari Society

    Visit the Domari Society here

    The Domari are one of the minorities in Jerusalem and in the West Bank. The Domari Society of Gypsies in Jerusalem was founded in 2000 and the Community Center opened in 2005. The Domari Community Center aims at empowering individuals, with a focus on women and children by providing literacy courses and school supplies for the poor as well as offering after-school tutoring.

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  • Honor Diaries

    Visit Honor Diaries here.

    Honor Diaries is a film focused on women’s rights and gender inequality in honor-based societies. Through the voices of some of the world's leading women’s rights activists, the film demonstrates the depth of human rights abuses women face. Honor Diaries is more than just a movie: it's a movement to ensure that women's voices - no matter the religion or background - are heard. Culture is no excuse for abuse.

  • WADI – Stop FGM Middle East & Asia Campaign

    WADI was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization based in Frankfurt, Germany, and Suleymania, Iraq. WADI supports people in the Middle East in their striving to improve living conditions, human and democratic rights. 

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