Post Violence

Despite global violence against women, the spirit of woman cannot and will not be crushed.

A film by Afrooz Nasersharif (Iran | 2010 | 4 mins).



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Honorable Mention Experimental Film (2011)


About Afrooz Nasersharif

Afrooz Nasersharif graduated with a B.A. in art restoration and conservation in 2002. She is an art manager in some of Tehran’s modern art galleries and restores several antique pieces and oil paintings. She has been part of group photo exhibitions in Mane – Honare No Gallery in Tehran (2004), New Hall in Cambridge, England (2007), and in Asia House (Iran Heritage) in London (2008). She curated “Culture and Metro," a photo exhibition in metro stations in Tehran (2004). She also contributed photos for the book, We Were Lost in Photos Under the Rain. Afrooz continues to cultivate her work in sculpture and art video making.

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