Sombrer (Drowning)

“Sombrer (Drowning)” is an experimental film made under the camera with INK/WATER/PAPER about depression.

A film by Myriam L. Obin (Canada | 2014 | 2 mins)



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About Myriam L. Obin

As an artist Myriam made multiple animation films during university. Her film went to many festivals and she won a prize in Poland for her work. During her undergraduate degree, she spent a year of study in Paris at the Beaux Arts. There, she took a special course in storytelling that led her to produce her first comic book publication. Through her art she hopes to tell relevant stories where character development affects the spectator.

Director's Statement

My first video was a mix media of painting. I made animation by placing acetate over the ink and pushing it in order to create animation. The sound recording is underwater noise I recorded. The other was a drop of painting on the floor and just figuring out what was the most appropriate way for me to do the editing.

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