Raised in London, Soule is a soulful English girl. Alongside her passionate Indian friend Anita, both are navigating their way between the sensitive years of teenagehood into adulthood,  hoping to realize their dreams.

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Directed by: Kevin Fitzgerald
Produced by: Gaya Bhola
Presented by: Rock On Motion Pictures, U.K.

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SOULE is a coming of age story of two friends on the cusp of their graduation from high school, a time when the quest for personal freedom and self-definition comes crashing headlong into social and family expectations. Set in the dynamic, multicultural world of modern day London and the epic countryside of Kent, England, the film is an intimate portrait of two teenage girls, Soli and Anita, each from different cultural backgrounds, both passionate and both determined to follow their dreams and be who they truly are.

Soule has a deep and mystical nature connection and wishes to embark on a life working with animals, not as a big salary corporate lawyer which is the path her immigrant Polish mother pushes toward her. Anita is a talented pianist whose heart lives for music, even as she is hounded by her Indian parents’ decision that she will be a doctor. Both girls find love along the way with young men who also meet with disapproval because they do not fit expectations. In spite of pressures from their immigrant parents to control their daughters’ life paths for their “own good,” the girls find their way to the freedom to follow their hearts desires. In the process of doing so, they become a catalyst for their parents to find the courage to begin to reconnect to their authentic dreams as well.

SOULE makes us ask the question, in this day and age of uncertainty on so many levels, what really is true success?

Throughout the girls’ journey, we wonder will their dreams come true and in the process will they evolve into their true selves or will they lose their dreams in a bit to become a 'successful' somebody? We find that the road to freedom requires us to take big risks and open our hearts, and with that vulnerability may come suffering and heartbreak. The redemption of the journey is that we learn to deal with pain and conflict from a place of self-love, acceptance, and faith rather than from fear and hatred.

SOULE represents all of us. Contained within us is the potential for unlimited love and growth in alignment with our true selves. This can get tampered with by the environment that we live in, which presents challenges which hamper our natural flow. We are faced with the pressure to conform. We are pressured to alter our being to fit acceptable standards for success and the topic for fulfillment is sidelined. So we can have materially successful lives with an unfulfilled, uncomfortable heart inside. We are trapped when the heart is blocked and we are not flowing. It is a great dilemma. What is true mastery, a true life and an honest path to fulfillment and serenity? SOULE gives us a rich answer to this question, one we will never forget.

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Director's Bio:

Kevin Fitzgerald, a Canadian American filmmaker, is a graduate from USC film school. He is the director of the award-winning docu-film Freestyle:The Art of Rhyme. He also was a cinematographer on the docu-film Soundz of Spirit; director for a music video for Columbia Pictures; and an associate producer on the soon to be released feature Half Widow. Kevin has directed and produced a documentary on Macy Gray for Columbia Pictures, and also the documentary film 7 Days in Paris about Ben Harper and his band's recording of the album Lifeline for Virgin Records.

Producer's Bio:

Born and raised in India and now living in Los Angeles, Gaya Bhola was executive producer on the highly successful, award-winning short In Search of America, Inshallah, producer of the short film First Love, and screenwriter and producer of a soon to be released full feature, Half Widow. She is the screenwriter and producer of Soule. Her passionate love for art, for healing, and her understanding of the human psyche drive her work.

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