The Charming Dragon

December 10, 2013

Each week on the Will Sean Podcast, Will Link and Sean David interview guests and discuss movies, television, pop culture, and anything else they feel like talking about. On the November 8, 2013, “The Charming Dragon” episode #91, WVN Executive Director Heidi Basch-Harod was their guest.

Click on Episode #91 to listen to to Will, Sean, and Heidi talk about WVN, Marvel Comics' new Muslim-American heroine Kamala Khan, and other related topics:

Heidi Basch-Harod, the executive director of the non profit organization, Women's Voices Now, brings a much needed dose of philanthropy and selflessness to the show. Their mission is to empower women living in Muslim countries, helping them to amplify their rights and means of expression. Pursuant to this goal, we talk about their upcoming global film festival - Women Bought and Sold: Voices United Against the Violence. Shifting gears we discuss the EXACT opposite: Thor! Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! O.J. Simpson! Time Travel! Baby Pandas! Speaking of amplifying voices, we are aware of the inconsistent audio quality - the guilty parties have been reprimanded.