The Ripple Effect

A film by Sarah Jahaan Khan (High School Student, Pakistan/2015/5:44)

"The Ripple Effect" shows how access to safe water has transformed the lives of rural women in Pakistan. When seasonal patterns began to change and rainfall became scarce, these women adopted methods of conserving rainwater. Not only do girls like Deeba no longer have to make the back breaking 8 kilometer journey to fetch water every day, but they now have the freedom to pursue new opportunities and earn an income that they can invest in their children's futures. They continue to inspire the next generation of girls to conserve resources and use innovative methods to tackle an issue that affects over 2 billion people every day.

About Sarah Jahaan Khan

Sarah is a 17 year old activist and filmmaker whose work is focused on the relationship between women and the environment. She believes storytelling is an important tool to ignite social change and has been featured in BBCs list of the Top 100 Women of 2014 for her work.


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