Uzma Rizvi

Associate Professor

Uzma Z. Rizvi is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Urban Studies at the Pratt Institute of Art and Design, Brooklyn and a Visiting Scholar in the Department of International Studies at the American University of Sharjah. Recent publications include Crafting Resonance: Empathy and Belonging in Ancient Rajasthan (2015), Decolonizing Archaeology: On the Global Heritage of Epistemic Laziness (2015) and the World Archaeological Congress Research Handbook on Postcolonial Archaeology (2010).

Rizvi serves on the scientific committee of the World Archaeological Congress -8 (Kyoto), chairing (with Hirofumi Kato) the theme Postcolonial Experiences, Archaeological Practice and Indigenous Archaeologies. She recently directed the Global Art Forum-10 (The Future Was __), and has written for E-Flux, The New Inquiry, and LEAP, among other art/culture/politics magazines. Rizvi’s current research work is focused on Ancient Pakistan and UAE, both during the 3rd millennium BCE. She utilizes poetics as a mode through which to push the limits of archaeological theory. Additionally, her research focuses on ancient subjectivity and related to that, the idea of an intimate architecture; war and trauma in relationship to the urban fabric; and finally, epistemological critiques of archaeology in the service of decolonizing archaeology.