Vaishnavi Sundar


As an independent filmmaker, and social activist, Vaishnavi moulds her contribution in bringing women to the forefront. Breaking the clutches of corporate 9 to 5s, she ventured out to customise her life skill through filmmaking and actively partaking in the intersectional, grassroot feminist movement in India.

She launched her own production company, Lime Soda Films which saw the eminence of three successful films, and numerous collaborations. Vaishnavi is currently steering her activism by linking it with her filmmaking career, working on a variety of projects that are intended to empower women as well as break the glass ceiling in the cinema fraternity.

Women Making Films- India is the brainchild of Vaishnavi Sundar and an interplay of feminist activism and filmmaking. It was started as an attempt to condemn the blatant gender disparity in the film industry, and an initiative to generate solidarity among women (and those who identify as women) who work within the industry. Along with being an uncommon sphere of gender equality in cinema, WMF is also one of the few archival platforms that hold a plethora of information about the underrated, and unrecognised world of female filmmakers, some of whom do not even have a photo. It also aspires to be a singular interface of bigotry-free interviews, feminist blogs and film related news.