We Live in the 21st Century!

The global pandemic of violence and discrimination against women in the 21st century is abominable. 

A film by Hilda Hashempour (Canada | 2007 | 4 mins).



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  • commented 2016-01-11 08:30:45 -0800
    To be honest this is a strange time we live in: east and west cultures encounter each other and look what it led to in Germany. While Muslim women do not know another life as they were taught to obey from the very childhood Muslim men used to. Most of people probably thought: we should not deal with it and force them up our point of view on how to live simply because we respect their customs and feelings. But it happens they do not want to understand us. In time of globalization nothing and no one can be left without attention and if something occurs in one part of the world it automatically touches people on the another side of our planet. For most nations times of sexism passed but there are lots of women suffering from men violence and whose rights are oppressed. For me it is hard to think they do not get even general basic education, as this is what we used to have a right for: if women would like to be an economist or IT specialist or a nurse, doors are open for them. However, entering the university is another complicated subject can be read about here: http://nursingcollegeprograms.doodlekit.com/. Nevertheless it’s time to rise for a protest against women oppression all over the world and not to be indifferent at the moment or in future.