World Wide Women

Witness woman’s evolution from the dawn of time till present day. A woman is not defined by a man, nor by his actions. The text is a combination of quotes from famous feminist female role models.

A film by Andra Roman (Romania/2014/3:49)

Click HERE to watch Andra Roman's acceptance speech for the Best Experimental Film Award (2016).




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About Andra Roman & Director's Statement

Andra Roman is from Eastern Europe and is passionate and committed to her filmmaking. As a filmmaker, the best thing you can bring to the world is your own story. And there is something that is very personal to you, a part of you that people all over the planet will relate to. So, the mistake happens when you try to figure out what everyone likes because the only thing you can be sure of is what you like. And the reality is, what you like ends up being what a lot of people like because we are all going through a very similar story.

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