Women’s Voices Now: Women's Film Festival on Emancipation

February 14, 2011

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Women’s Voices Now: Women's Film Festival on Emancipation

This article follows the inception of Women's Voices Now, as well as explanations on why it is so important to have "an unfiltered voice that comes straight from the women in plight." This story was based on an interview with Executive Director Catinca Tabacaru and Director of Operations Cassandra Schaffa with Cairo360 writer Mai Ayyad.

Male and Female: Gender Conflict in AnimationCairo360 reviews "Male and Female," a short animation film and the graduation project of Ahmed Adel. The film examines the life choices of a ‘common Eastern man’ – according to the director’s synopsis – who maintains a very powerful sense of masculinity and patriarchal views. View "Male and Female."

Her Man Ayten Amin’s directorial debut is based on bestselling novelist Ahdaf Soueif’s short story, "Her Man." The story revolves around Zeina, an illiterate and co-dependent woman who stands helpless as her husband, Sobhy decides to take a second and much younger wife. It is a powerful story of counteraction and victimization. Women’s submission can be great, yet their defiance can be a lot greater. View Her Man.