WVN at Women, Action, Media Conference in LA

WVN_at_WAM_Conference_in_LA.jpgI was invited to present on WVN’s work at the annual Women Action Media conference held by the L.A. chapter of the organization. The theme of the conference was The Feminist Possibilities of Documentary Film. My co-presenters were Jennifer Lee, director of the upcoming film “Feminist: Stories from the Women’s Liberation” and Janice Rosenthal Littlejohn, journalist and director of “…but can she play?” along with contemporary jazz trumpeter and songwriter, Crystal J. Torres. I presented on WVN’s Global Tour programs in the U.A.E and Jordan. The stories from our programs were woven into a discussion about women’s issues in the Arab world, previous feminist movements and the growing Islamic Feminist movements. We discussed women as agents of change and men’s roles in improving the status and lives of women. The audience, largely made up of students, academics and some folks from the public, watched our Festival film “Feminin Masculin” by Sadaf Foroughi from Iran. A woman approached me after the presentation to tell me that she identified with the woman in the film and with some of the stories from our Jordan program. She was Mexican-American and had gone against the grain in her community to marry the man of her choice, have children at a young age and finish her college degree while still earning money to help support her family. It goes to show that a woman’s spirit and desires for her life crosses all cultural and physical boundaries.

Suzie Abdou
Director of Global Programs

March 25, 2012 at 7pm - 10pm
Santa Monica College
1900 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States
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