Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! Please check out the video below. It includes a small introduction, some norms, a brief overview of the curriculum, some asks, and a to-do list. Please let me know of any thoughts, questions or concerns you may have.

Why are we Here:

Watch the video below:

While the film focuses on Women’s Rights Issues in Afghanistan, patriarchy is a global phenomenon that has similar consequences worldwide. Research life spans and wages in your country, how are they different by gender? What happens when you filter for race?

Words for the week:

Patriarchy – a term used to describe the society in which we live today, characterized by current and historic unequal power relations between women and men whereby women are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed. This takes place in almost every sphere of life but is particularly noticeable in women’s under-representation in key state institutions, in decision-making positions, in employment and industry. Male violence against women is also a key feature of patriarchy. Women in minority groups face multiple oppressions in this society, as race, class and sexuality intersect with sexism, for example. For more information on patriarchy and its effects click here.

To Do List:
Please introduce yourself and what called you to this course via the comments section below. Incorporate your findings and thoughts from watching the film and doing the research.
Purchase a journal or find a regular space to write your thoughts, reflections, questions and ideas.
Complete the Survey to better help me guide the course and the DOODLE to figure out a time we can all chat in real life.
And if you have the ability … please donate what you can … suggested donation is $60 … but again what you can when you can is appreciated!

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