Memory of a Heart

Tribeny Rai | India | 2016 | 5 mins
Based on journal entries, this experimental film is a series of episodic memories relayed by a daughter about her father.

It Is Written

Mostafa Heravi | Netherlands | 2006 | 5 mins
Wearing ballet slippers, a woman in chador passionately dances to ancient Persian music, showing us what that freedom might look like.


Jamshed Kholikov | Tajikistan | 2008 | 5 mins
Hands tied and head covered, trapped like a bird in a cage, she yearns to be free.

Crushing Stones

Negin Vaziri | USA | 2010 | 5 mins
Covered by a veil or uncovered, this film explores humiliation as part of the female experience.


Celia Eslamieh Shomal | Netherlands | 2010 | 4 mins
An experimental film in search of the meaning of beauty and free will. 


Kathleen Frances Orr | USA | 2015 | 6 mins
A day in the life of a desperate fight to fulfill one’s deepest wish – to be useful in this world.


Alysse Stepanian | USA | 2009 | 6 mins
With her broom as a weapon of protest, Alysse discovers a newfound strength among other underprivileged women at the beginning of the Iranian Revolution.

A Land Called Paradise

Lena Khan | USA | 2007 | 5 mins
What happens when you ask over 2,000 Muslim Americans what they would like to say to the world? 

Post Violence

Afrooz Nasersharif | Iran | 2010 | 4 mins
Despite global violence against women, the spirit of woman cannot and will not be crushed.


Anonymous | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 2009 | 5 mins
In a frantic effort to uncover herself, a woman cuts away at the layers that sheath her, seeking to discover herself.

World Wide Women

Andra Roman | Romania | 2014 | 4 mins
Reflecting upon woman’s evolution from the dawn of time until the present day: A woman is not defined by a man, nor by his actions. 


Elizabeth Mizon | UK | 2015 | 6 mins
Borders gives a personal and intimate insight into the hushed-up ‘virginity tests’ that women migrants were subjected to in the 1970s, as reported by The Guardian in 2011.

Why Can’t You See Me?

Andra Roman | Romania | 2016 | 8 mins
An ode to all women: Those who appear to be strong, those who we deem weak, those who fight to have their voices heard, and those who are fighting the quiet fight.


Talieh Rohani | USA | 2007 | 10 mins
An experiment in the visual representation of the experience of self-exploration and self-expression among young women in the Islamic Republic in Iran.

The Nonsense

Noha Redwan | Egypt | 2010 | 2 mins
Side by side, some women toil in anguish; shoulder to shoulder, face to face, but somehow unable to break out of the repetitive insanity of existence.

Vivid Red

Andra Roman | Romania | 2016 | 3 mins
A film about empowerment, using your inner voice and about being yourself regardless of what you might perceive as flaws or weaknesses.

We Live in the 21st Century!

Hilda Hashempour | Canada | 2007 | 4 mins
An experimental film about the global pandemic of violence and discrimination against women in the 21st century.

Take Care

Afrooz Nasersharif | Iran | 2013 | 6 mins
An experimental film which experientially explores the psychological state and treatment of women living in Iran expressed through shades of blue and harrowing repetition.

Words From A Silence

Penda Diakité | USA, Mali | 2014 | 6 mins
A bi-cultural woman of color from the United States and Mali conveys thoughts, feelings, and experiences of her multi-layered identities.

Without My Dreams

Afrooz Nasersharif | Iran | 2016 | 7 mins
Before their childhood and innocence is lost to time, two young girls exercise their right to be free.

White Stain

Kayla Tong | USA | 2015 | 9 mins
A young woman is perpetually haunted by the darkest memories of her life. Every touch of the demons who sexually assaulted her imprints a permanent white stain.