Ice hockey may be a strange sight in India, but in the northern reaches of the country, the sport has carved out a special place. On frozen ponds high in the Himalayas, a group of young women are training for international glory. Lack of money, recognition, and climate change all stand as barriers to the team, yet, as the documentary unfolds, we discover that ultimately, nothing can stop them from achieving their dreams. Told through the voices of two of the team members, this short documentary provides a fascinating insight into their lives, and the challenges that come with being pioneers.

About Cosmina Barzini

Cosima Barzini is a London based documentary filmmaker and camera operator. Cosima is French and Italian and has worked on productions for Sky Arts Italy and UK, Feature docs such as Revolution: New art for a New World by Margy Kinmonth and independent productions of short documentaries, music videos and live events. Her passion lies in art and character driven documentaries from undiscovered parts of the world.

Director’s Statement

When I first heard about women playing ice hockey in India I was astonished. It sounded like the film Cool Runnings. Once we managed to gather funds and go to Ladakh to film, we quickly realised that it was far from being a joke. The region is breathtaking and the women’s team take the sport very seriously. They have had to overcome so many challenges; climate change, lack of fundings, people not taking them seriously, to name a few! They are the toughest and loveliest women I have ever met, they never give up and they really are an example to women worldwide.