Nunca Mas Hermanos explores the injustices that the Mexican people have endured in recent history, from the 90,000 people who were killed during the Civil War to the over 32,000 people who have disappeared since 2006.

The film explores the complex situation which exists between the citizens of a country and the reality which they face on a daily basis, which includes violence and injustices committed against the Mexican people by government, the Narcos Cartels and other forces that be. The film tells a story of a fragmented country that lives in terror while it’s seeking the truth and the freedom of its people for a better future.

About Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben

Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben (7 aprile 1994) graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. In 2014 she worked with Teleambiente to realized a format tv about indie and underground Italian cinema. In the same year, MARGHERA, a short film, won the COSPE’s Prize (human rights) and it participated in many events like Venice Film Festival, Festival International du Film d’Amien, Terra di Tutti i Festival. Two years later she left to Nigeria to realize EKO, a documentary about italian people who go to Africa searching a job, presented in Locarno 70. In 2017 she maked NUNCA MAS HERMANOS (RIFF) about tragic situation of Mexico and she won the national prize FuoriRotta to realize a documentary about last European tribe: the Sami. Since 2013 she has started her collaboration with web site, newspaper and journal like Messaggero Veneto, Verifica Incerta (editor Visioni Italiane), Redazione Italia.

Director’s Statement

April 2015. During the International Journalism Festival of Perugia the periodista Anabel Hernandez told the upsetting and senseless episode of Ayotzinapa: in the night of 26 September 42 normalistas disappeared mysteriously. The Mexican government said that Narcos were the culprits, but in reality the military kidnapped the boys. Two years later we gather information, witnesses, sources, documents to define a switchboard of the situation, despite the problems born: there was who were afraid to confess or who prefer the silence. In this complicated background many journalists and activists around the world try to fight the imposed silence from Mexican federal democracy. A struggle against idolatry that includes thousands of people like the conflicts in Syria or Middle East though the Mexican sake is a rare and ignored news from international media. These reasons are at the foundations of our short film. At the beginning it was a documentary project but we realized the risk that we could run. We understood that it was the right way though we have to tell something with independent means. We found some Mexican people who live in Italy after having suffer the tragic situation provoked by silenced civil war. In Mexico there are people aware of their own culture, they are ready to sacrifice the life for the survival of their ideals. They carry on an extreme fight that causes the division between who surrender and who never cease to believe in the possibility to build a different future for their Country. They are Zapatistas, the Maestros of Escuela Rural, the campesinos, the periodistas, the activists and the mujeres who are finally employing a stronger role in Mexican masked society. The cast is almost all female for this reason. The mise-en-scène has a bottom of truth. It extrapolated from the multitude of researches and events thanks to certain testimonies and sources. That’s because we decided to mix a fiction story with many different archival materials.