Recommended Films

Drummer Girl

Sophie Hexter | Australia | 2017 | 6 mins
Her life changed in the blink of an eye. Music set her free.

Kayan: Beyond the Rings

Marko Randelovic | Thailand & UK | 2018 | 5 mins
The Kayan people of northern Thailand’s so-called “long-neck” villages would like the world to hear the truth behind the negative media headlines. Should we not let the Kayan people decide whether they want people to visit them or not? In an ethical boycott, nobody wins.

Voice of the Valley

Leila Jarman | Jordan & USA | 2013 | 51 mins
Asma and Munira produce and broadcast a groundbreaking socio-political radio program from Amman on the issues plaguing the Jordan Valley, an impoverished, religious and tribal agricultural hub – and their home.

Women of Fukushima

Paul Johannessen | Japan | 2012 | 23 mins
Six Japanese women offer brutally honest views on the state of the clean­up, cover­ups, and untruths since the nuclear accident in Fukushima, and how it has affected their lives, homes, and families.

Defendant 5

Heidi Lee Douglas | Australia | 2014 | 30 mins
A young filmmaker documents the destruction of Tasmania’s ancient forests and is swept up in a multi-million dollar legal battle that challenges the right to free speech.

Men Buy Sex

Alice Russell | UK | 2015 | 8 mins
Three men share three radically different experiences of paying for sex while three women lip sync to their words. A frank exploration of gender inequality that uses subverted perspectives to ask: What can their stories tell us about our society, others, and ourselves?

Enemies to Allies

Julie Winokur | Kenya | 2014 | 14 mins
In Kisumu, Kenya, a surprising approach to HIV prevention relies on building bonds between two unlikely groups: police officers and sex workers.


Emilia Wieding | USA & GERMANY | 2018 | 10 mins
A portrayal of a young feminist rapper, Ciarra, who is fighting for the equal treatment and judgment of women in the hip-hop world.

Brazil’s Warrior Women

Paul Redman | Brazil | 2014 | 8 mins
The Babassu warriors have battled hard to maintain their way of life. In the face of intimidation and threats from farmers for years, Babassu women have negotiated their own terms; establishing the Free Babassu Law in seven states.

Twinkle Power to Change

Aftab Abbasi | Pakistan | 2018 | 8 mins
Twinkle Power to Change is about the first ever woman weightlifter from Pakistan to have won a gold medal internationally.

A Dream Of Paper Flowers

Leila Jarman | USA | 2016 | 6 mins
A Dream of Paper Flowers is a poetry film and a soundscape steeped in allegory, a capsule of femmy horror, unnerving and captivating. It is a glimpse into the raw, jagged coals of the female psyche. 

From Farms to Incubators

Amy Wu | USA | 2018 | 27 mins
From Farms to Incubators profiles minority women entrepreneurs dedicated to the growing sector of AgTech.

Who’s Your Dad

Alexandra von Schelling & Rebecca Sasse | Cuba | 2018 | 23 mins
In a hidden basement of one of the best film schools in the world, female students gather to break their silence and share their testimonies. With the promise of anonymity, a dark reality previously unspoken about starts to emerge and the real truth about being a woman in film is finally brought to light.

Shades of Her

Alicia Rollins | USA | 2017 | 40 mins
A documentary that explores the nuances of skin tone in African American women in a unique and poignant way.

Leo to Life

Julio Suarez | Spain | 2017 | 70 mins
Leo a la Vida is a documentary about Leonela Relys, the inventor of the most innovative literacy method in Spain, the “Yes I Can” method which challenges common misconceptions and perceptions about illiteracy.

Life, You Think You Own It

Ellie Lobovits | USA | 2016 | 5 mins
An ultra-short film exploring the poetry, life philosophy, and musings on mortality by the 93-year-old feminist poet Adrienne Wolfert.

Beyond the Fence

Arman Gholipourdashtaki | Iran | 2018 | 18 mins
Behnaz lives in one of the remote cities in Iran and dreams of becoming a professional soccer player like Messi. However, being a girl and living in a small town presents difficulties.

Commercial for the Queen of Meatloaf

Dina Fiasconaro | USA | 2017 | 10 mins
In a surrealist take on a 1950s commercial, a bored housewife attempts to spice up her marriage by preparing a delicious meatloaf for dinner. What emerges from the kitchen is “The Queen of Meatloaf” incarnate, who proceeds to invade the homes of consumers and wreak havoc on the commercial set.

Womb on Rent

Ishani K. Dutta | India | 2013 | 50 mins
An impoverished but spirited mother of three decides to rent her womb for income, embarking upon a roller coaster of emotions at the heart of an economized medical procedure: surrogacy.

Down the Stream

Mai Huyen Chi | Vietnam | 2015 | 4 mins
A brief encounter with the young children of the downstream Mekong river, who have lived on boats all their lives.