Rajaiah Jones’ award-winning youth film features three different African American women and the struggles that they face from dealing with hair, to labels, to role models and self-confidence. Produced by Rajaiah Jones in partnership with Raw Art Works, home of the Real to Reel Film School. Want to see more films like this? Consider a donation to Raw Art Works. A $20 gift allows our youth to become inspired by film and more prepared for their future.

About Rajaiah Jones

Rajaiah Jones, is an award-winning filmmaker from Lynn, Massachusetts. While attending Raw Art Works during her high school years, she found her interest in filmmaking and during her junior year she discovered a love in telling stories through the visual format of film. Soon after, Rajaiah discovered her love in sharing the stories of others through documentary filmmaking. Rajaiah’s first film, “The Skin I’m In,” was accepted into the Boston International Kids Film Festival (and then featured in the Boston Globe). Shortly thereafter, it was also featured on the #withMalala challenge and was given the “Ed Elias Future Filmmaker Honorable Mention” at the Los Angeles Film Festival. This past summer she made her first virtual reality film with traveling to Guatemala on a scholarship awarded by Adobe. She is currently an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts as a Communication major. She has no intention to stop here; she is simply in the beginning stages of her path.