Describe your film specifically and visually. Explain the approach to the subject, the style, and organization of the material, the setting, characters and plot. Explain why you are the best person to make this film, why your approach is unique and must be told, what you want to achieve with this film, goals, questions asked, answered etc. Make it interesting, something funders will be attracted to. This is your opportunity to tell a funder what your project is all about and make them want to fund it. This should NOT be a treatment of your film. (500 words maximum)

Identify the intended audience for the project. What are the demographic(s) and their interests? Who do you want to educate or entertain with your project? Be specific, show you have done your research. (200 words maximum)

Outline your method(s) for reaching your intended audience. For example, festivals, broadcast, educational markets, media arts centers, limited theatrical release etc. Use specific examples to illustrate what methods you plan to use. Show you have done your research—do not simply name all the top festivals, broadcasters and distributors; name the ones that would actually be a good fit and realistic for your project. Research the interests and focus of potential distribution options. (300 words maximum)

How will you get the word out about your film? Please describe beyond Facebook and Twitter. (300 words maximum)

Include a paragraph bio about yourself, use headings for your name, role, e.g. Producer. Include a bio for each confirmed principle participant. (e.g., Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor). If applicable, include info on technical or subject specialist advisors. List your advisory board with name, title, affiliation and any other relevant information. Include 1 paragraph bios not resumes. Include only relevant experience and information.

Your budget should be in a proper film budget format and be well developed, realistic and consistent with your project narrative that includes all phases for which you need fiscal sponsorship: development, pre-production, post-production, outreach, distribution etc.

If selected, you will be asked to provide a detailed budget break down.

The cost of applying for fiscal sponsorship with WVN is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $40.00.