Women’s Voices Now seeks passionate, dedicated, communicative, and self-motivated interns on a rolling basis. There is a 3-month minimum requirement and an expectation of 3-5 hours per week. Internships with Women’s Voices Now are voluntary positions that are unpaid. WVN internships can take place anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

To apply for an internship, please send us an email with your resume and statement of purpose.


WVN Ambassador Internship

The Ambassador Internship helps WVN carry out its primary aim to advocate women’s rights through film. This internship requires hosting a film screening(s) with our free, curated screening packages. We are here to help you screen films from our archives and give you the tools to hold meaningful community discussions and take steps towards action surrounding the issues facing women around the world. We offer organizers, educators, and institutions specially-curated packages for their specific needs.


Research and Development Internship

Research and Development Interns support WVN staff with identifying new local and global partners that are in need of our content. These interns establish contact, document points of contact, and ensure partnerships go from email to actuality.


The WVoice Editorial Internship

This internship entails the recruitment of content for the Women’s Voices Now digital publication The WVoice. Interns correspond with authors, recruit pieces, do initial rounds of editing, catalogue the submission, biographical information on the author, and collect high-resolution images to accompany the piece. Interns may also publish their own works in The WVoice.


Film Archive Recruitment Internship

This internship is a research position that requires searching for films that exist online and beyond that would be suitable to our archives, the “Netflix of Feminist Films.” You will research and watch films and correspond with filmmakers on the behalf of the organization in order to acquire new film content. This also requires cataloguing the films as well as collecting data on the filmmaker, synopses of the film and any other pertinent information as requested from WVN Staff.