The People’s Girls at UC Berkeley

By Holly Wertman

On April 21, 2016, the first ever screening of the new documentary, The People’s Girls, was held at U.C. Berkeley. In coordination with Women’s Voices Now, the event was one of the featured events held for Anti-Sexual Assault Month at UC Berkeley, and was funded by the oldest women’s collegiate honor society, Prytanean.

IMG_7377.JPG     Colette plans to continue this photo campaign at future screenings of The People’s Girls.

After the screening, an intimate round-table discussion was held with featured guests: Colette Ghunim, the director of the film who flew out from Chicago for the screening; Dr. Sherifa Zuhur, a visiting scholar for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies who is a world-renowned expert on gender studies in the Middle East; and Shivani Narang, a student activist and the Director of the Anti-Sexual Assault Commission at U.C. Berkeley, who is committed to shifting the campus conversation towards decolonizing sexual violence. The space was healing, informative, and impactful for all of the attendees.