Submission Guidelines

Contributions to The WVoice discuss a clear issue, individual, or organization participating in the global struggle for women’s rights.

The tone of the articles varies, depending on the format. While some articles may demand a more scholarly tone, others may call for one that is more unconventional and/or personal. Regardless of the format, it is important to maintain consistency throughout the article, and, to the best of your capabilities, ensure that proper grammar and punctuation rules are adhered to at all times. Articles will undergo a collaborative editing process. Non-native English speakers are encouraged to submit.


Pieces submitted may be in the form of:

  • Reviews (e.g. of exhibitions, music albums, books, films, etc.)
  • Essays
  • Interviews
  • Prose and short fiction
  • Poetry
  • Photo essays
  • Video essays (2.5-5 minutes in duration, including credits)

* Video essays must include the WVN logo and branding elements, and must be uploaded onto the Women’s Voices Now Vimeo channel. If you are interested in an audio/visual submission, please contact for more information, logos, and branding assets. Once accepted by The WVoice, they will be made available to the WVN global online audience and potentially be featured at WVN events and activities.


Articles submitted should not exceed 1,000 words. No article submitted should be under 600 words. Audio/visual submissions should be consulted on a per project basis.


The WVoice is published in English, and follows American rules of grammar and punctuation.

Photographs and Supplements

Please submit three images you would like to appear in your piece. You must have the rights to all photographs and supplemental materials that accompany your piece. Supplements (especially photographs) must be submitted with full descriptions, credits, and courtesies, and be of the highest possible quality and resolution.

Please provide hyperlinks to important terms, names, and wherever else you may want our readers to be able to access some extra information to supplement your piece.

First-time contributors are also kindly requested to submit along with their article a photograph of themselves, a short, descriptive bio, and links to any personal sites and social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Google+, etc.) they wish to appear in their profile.

Submit/Ask Questions

E-mail submissions and/or questions to:

To re-publish an article from, or to re-post an audiovisual submission to The WVoice, in its entirety or as a derivative work, you must attribute it to the author/producer and Women’s Voices Now, and include a reference and hyperlink to the original work on The WVoice website.