Lara has always lived in the shadow of her mother. That is, until the morning of one life-changing decision that Lara knows must be made alone. This film explores what it means to be an independent woman. [TRAILER]

A film by Marc Hardman (U.K./2015/10:37)

Click HERE to watch Producer Jumaan Short's acceptance speech for the Best Narrative Short Award (2016).

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About Marc Hardman

Marc Hardman is a freelance motion designer, film director, and writer with 15 years experience in the television and film industry. In his broadcast career he has created work for some of the worlds most respected brands (MTV, Nike, Nokia) at some of the UK’s leading broadcasters and design agencies (English&Pockett, Lambie-Nairn, BBC, Discovery Channel). Marc's short comedy film, "We Are What We Drink," made the official selection at the 54th London Film Festival 2010. It played at festivals around the world picking up multiple nominations and awards along the way. It was also Long-Listed to the final 15 in voting for the BAFTA for Best Short Film of 2011. Marc founded Luckycoin Films in 2011 through which he is producing further short films, music videos, internet comedy content, and developing comedy-drama television pilots and feature film scripts. 

Director Statement

"Mother" shows us a moment within a relationship between a mother and a daughter that alters their dynamic irreversibly. Maria, the forceful mother has always dominated her timid, insular daughter Lara. It is subjectively, through Lara, that we experience a build to the critical point where Lara must stand her ground.

My approach to this film was that I wanted the audience to live inside Lara's head as she herself does. To experience her own angst. Very few of us ever truly "live in the moment." We often find that we are constantly replaying the past or imagining the future in order to help us make our decisions or come to our conclusions. This idea helped us form our narrative structure that jumps in time as Lara reflects on moments and fantasizes outcomes as she prepares to make her final, all important call.

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