WVN Film Festival.

A women’s rights documentary film festival for emerging filmmakers.

2025 Film Festival Events.

  • Dates & Deadlines

    • August 1, 2024 – Opening Date
    • October 1, 2024 – Early Bird Deadline
    • November 8, 2024 – Regular Deadline
    • November 29, 2024 – Late Deadline
    • March 26 – April 30, 2025 – Festival Run

Celebrate the Winners.

Presenting the 2024 Film Festival Winning Films!


*Leslie J. Sacks Grand Prize – Best Documentary Feature – $3,500

Best Documentary Short – $2,000

Lantos Prize for Best Human Rights Documentary – $2,000

Best Emerging Filmmaker – Documentary Feature – $1,500

Best Emerging Filmmaker – Documentary Short – $1,000

Best Creative Feature Documentary – $2,000

Best Creative Short Documentary – $1,000

Best Youth Documentary Short – $500

*Our grand prize winner is also invited to a live screening and Q&A of their film in Los Angeles.

Festival Sponsors.

Festival Partners.

Advisory Board

The Celluloid Ceiling.

Women filmmakers are out there, so why is women-produced content still underrepresented? 

Women Filmmakers: Shattering That Ceiling.

Our independent film festival challenges gender-based stereotypes both on and off the screen. To support this vision, our online film festival:

Women's Voices Now
Film Festival Jury Members

Our Approach.

“The Women’s Voices Now Film Festival provides a rare and special platform for unheard voices and issues, and is a creative boon for independent women filmmakers around the world.”

– Dr. Meena Longjam, Filmmaker

End VIolence and sexual harassment - women's voices now

Empowering People, Inspiring Social Change.

Women’s Voices Now defines social change as a shift in the status quo, an expansion of justice, that is an outcome of individuals and groups who come together as a collective.

It requires the active participation of individuals and civil society (organizations) that work collaboratively to raise public awareness, shift cultural and media narratives, and demand remedy to social problems that hinder girls and women from realizing their full potential.

The documentaries we seek in our film festival serve to humanize, simplify, and embody complex issues, concepts, and ideas, so as to engage audiences in such a way that moves them from empathy to action.

July 15: "Screams Before Silence" Screening & Reception.